Welcome to RDS Music

We are a music company that offer a range of service from songwriting and composition to world-class music production, vocal production, mixing and mastering, engineering and other studio recording services. We are also an Independent Record Label and have assisted several artists in developing their sound, putting together release strategies and ensuring that their music is promoted through the correct channels.

Vocal Productions

While there are many Music Producers and Engineers out there, there are very few who specialise in Vocal Production! Our in-house producer is not only a highly experienced vocalist, but he is a former vocal coach who has recorded countless vocalists from different genre’s over the years and has become renowned for his unique ability to guide vocalists through the recording process and edit vocals in a way that ensures the best sounding result.

Why RDS?

At RDS Music we have a real passion for making great music.

We treat each and every project with great importance and do not rest until our clients are as satisfied with the results as we are!

We have over a decade of experience within the UK and International music scene and having collaborated with a vast number of up and coming talent as well as some of the biggest names in the music industry, you can be sure that you are in the right hands.


Nowadays many Music Producers are not Musicians or qualified mix Engineers which results in a lower quality production. Artist’s therefore have to hire in session musicians, have their tracks re-produced and mixed elsewhere in order to gain a product which they are happy with.

At RDS Music that’s exactly what we are! Musicians and mix Engineers and we offer this all as part of our package to the highest standard. We believe our finished tracks speak for themselves. To add the finishing touch to your record we can arrange mastering of singles, ep’s and albums with our partner master engineers.

RDS Music is your one stop shop with everything you need to develop your talent, sound and get your music to the highest standards for release!