The Overtones


Tom Ball

Taio Cruz

Ronela Hijati

Omar Esa

Howie D (The Backstreet Boys)


Kenny Thomas

Imen Siar


Princes to Kings

Eleni C

Scott Forshaw


RDS Music was founded in 2013 by recording artist Ramzi who in addition to gaining millions of Spotify streams and YouTube views, a Gold selling album and a performance at BAFTA among other prestigious accolades, has well over a decade’s worth of experience working behind the scenes as a versatile songwriter, music producer, vocal arranger and mix engineer.

Being an artist himself, he is able to relate to artists in a unique way and shares his wealth of experience on each project. Thanks to his knowledge and experience as a technical vocalist, Ramzi is especially known for his ability to coach singers through the vocal recording process while arranging, editing and mixing vocals to the highest standards. He also specialises at producing epic sounding choirs using only a few singers and/or virtual instruments. As a multi-instrumentalist, he brings true musicianship and timeless musicality to projects.

Over the years Ramzi has had the pleasure of working with artists such as The Overtones, Rudimental, Howie D (The Backstreet Boys), Taio Cruz, Kenny Thomas and many more as well as teaming up with reputable record labels, distributors and music publishers such as Sony Music, Universal, Atlantic, Absolute, Believe and numerous others in the UK and Internationally across a range of genre’s and has been involved in producing music and content for animated videos, radio/TV shows and musicals. The RDS Music team is made up of carefully selected experienced songwriters, producers and engineers and looks forward to working on your projects and welcoming you to the studio.




Neumann U87ai
Telefunken AR51
Neumann TLM 103
SE Electronics SE8 (matched pair)
Shure SM57 x 3
Shure Beta 52a
Audix i5 x 1


Focal Solo Be6 (Pair)
Mackie HR824 (Pair)
Presonus Central Station Plus (x 2)
Studio Headphones (Audio Technica, Beyerdynamics, Shure and Sennheiser)
Behringer 4-Channel Headphone Amp


Apple Mac Mini (6 Core i7 3.2Ghz 64GB / 1TB SSD)


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OUTBOARD (Interfaces, Preamps, Compressors & EQ's)

RME Fireface UFX II
Tube Tech CL1b Opto Compressor
Universal Audio 6176
Focusrite Isa 428 (with ADC Card)
NEVE 8803 Dual Channel EQ
AudioScape EQP-A Tube EQ
Elysia Xfilter Stereo EQ
ADL 1500 Stereo Tube Compressor
Universal Audio 1176LN Limiting Amplifier
Stam Audio SA4000 Buss Compressor
Klark Teknik 76KT Compressor (x 2)
Samson S Patch Plus Patchbay
RME Fireface 800
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo

Keyboards, Instruments and Backline

Studiologic SL88 (controller)
Fender Stratocaster USA
Ibanez TMB100 Talman Bass Guitar
Takamini Classical Electro Acoustic Guitar
Faith Legacy Mars Electro Acoustic Guitar
Fender Bassbreaker 15 Guitar Amplifier
Egyptian Darbouka
Arabic Oud (Syrian)

Mixing Desk

Icon Qcon Pro X Control Surface
Icon Qcon Pro XS Control Expander
(16 Channels Total)